It’s not always sunny in California

This is learning diary post from Uni Helsinki course Software Factory / Facebook academy – SocketIO team. For more info about this course read  “Ready, Set, Start Coding!”.

You can find open issues and questions I collect from past week in my quick project notes.

Too long travel time

At the weekend all the members of Facebook Academy traveled to San Francisco for the kickoff hackaton meeting in Palo Alto. The trip from Paderborn to San Francisco was extremely tiring. I had to leave Paderborn the night before my flight since, there were no trains going to Dusseldorf airport early enough to catch my flight to Paris, where I had my change.  So I left Paderborn around midnight via Soest to Dortmund and finally Dusseldorf Airport for my flight around eight o’clock.

Where is this place anyway?

Hackaton weekend in San Francisco

At the first day we had a bus transportation to University of Stanford, where Jay Borenstein welcomed us to this year’s Facebook Academy. Afterwards Scott Chacon GitHub Co-Founder gave a speech ‘How to use GitHub’. I would argue that for most of the people there using GitHub is trivial, but luckily the talk was about how to use GitHub “profoundly”.

Write something…

Three interesting days in the coding hive

Next stop on was Facebook office and a meeting room, that turned out to be the geek hive for us, where we would spend the next two and a half days. -team had a big table reserved at the middle of the room. After short and really informal introductions we gathered around the table for confronting the bugs in

It smells like a geek in here




From test case to fixing a feature

Win a Facebook price?

In the Hackaton I continued fixing the issue what I had started earlier issue 232, creating a simple test case for FlashSocket support in Even from the beginning the issue seemed so small that there had to be something buried.

As thought it turned out that FlashSockets was never tested and seemed that no one had ever used it in There was something wrong even though the implementation works in

The first encountered problem was that did not receive flash socket policy request from web-socket-js module/flash. With the help of Roman, our second mentor, we figured out that the problem was Node.js’s way of handling messages and how fast path is implemented.

Flash policy request, a message that has no headers and contains only following:

Finally the mentors decided that would not implement flash policy handling at all and would implement a way to specify where flash policy could be downloaded. Responsibility of providing the policy would be user’s , they could easily implement own policy request handling server, as in this example.

Other obstacle on the way was that in policy handling had some  obsolete legacy code that was never called, this caused some extra confusion on the way to finding out what was wrong.

The greatest learning experience of this whole thing was how to debug Node.js program. For anyone encountering problems with Node.js I would recommend using debug module and extensive use of debugger; – call that fires up debugger in browser.

Visiting Humble Bundle office

Facebook provided us hotel rooms for our official and after that I stayed at my friend’s place, who works at Humble Bundle and visiting their office in the center of San Francisco was one of the nicest things during my trip.

Humble Bundle will make something you want

Trudging around San Francisco

On Tuesday and Wednesday I had plenty of time on my own since my friend went back to work, so those were the days for sight seeing. Here couple of pictures from the way.

The other side of the Golden Gate Bridge

Even the firetrucks are cool in San Francisco

Next things on the list

I am planning to write stress tests from to see how well it perform and to find out some bottlenecks in the current implementation.